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of more than 1000 different US and french comic books from 1901 to 2001
Spider-Man, X-Men, how did it all begin?
from their begining in 1939 to nowadays
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The whole history of the first and greatest super hero...
Scientific and historical ENIGMAS.
Did Atlantis ever exist? Who was Jack the ripper ? Did Christophe Colombus realy discover America? (No joke. This is a serious question. Click, you'll see) What was the real reason for which the Church burnt Giordano Bruno ? Would it be mathematicaly possible to decipher a text in an absolutely unknown langage? Did realy the alchimist Nicolas Flamel change lead into gold? All those questions (and some other whose I didn't translate in english the sites I devoted to) are involved in my (french) novel Le onzième manuscrit (Polyglot? Here's the french site of this book.)
Coming soon other pages about many other puzzles. Was the planet Venus allready in the solar system before 1500BC? (As crazy as it seems, this one no more, is not a joke). Could hallucinations teach truths? The mystery of the portulans. All the strange theories that scince admit yet not but wich are yet not proven wrong. In front of science and logic, what is true, what is false and what is possible in SF and comics? And many others. .
Illustrations Spawn by Capulo © Image, Spider-Man by Buckinham © Marvel, Sarah "Buffy" Michelle Gellar, Tintin by Hergé © Casterman, Superman by Gimenez © DC, Allan cumming as Nightcrowler in X-Men 2 © 20th Century Fox, L'Astraunome by Vermeer (Museum of the Louvre) cover of Le onzième manuscrit .