Did Nicolas Flamel discover the philosophers' stone?

Nicolas Flamel was born between 1330 and 1340, and he died in 1418. He lived Rue des Escrivains at Paris (France), he was a book seller.He was born without particular wealth. His wife Pernelle, that he married in 1370 and who died in 1397 was not rich anymore. The more famous of the alchimists was not an alchimist.At least never did he say so, yet it was an activity not only honorable, but prestigious. All the most, never did he say that he had made gold. When he was living he was a perfect unknown one.

The Philosophers' Stone was alchimy ultimate goal.It should turn lead into gold. (They attributed it other no less fantastic capacities like to extend life and youth endlessly.) Nevertheless its quest was not motivated by cupidity but by spiritual motives. It was not the goal wich was taken into account but the way ran over. This quest was not the search of some recipe but the atempt to get at the end of a lon, patient meticulous work of purification of matter and of oneself. Nowadays we can make gold. For modern science, transmutation is no more a myth, nor some dream, but a banal reality. It just takes to pay more than the market price of the same quantity of gold. But atomic physics methodes don't resemble at all the Grand Oeuvre (Great Work) described by alchimistsanymore than jet plan resemble flying carpet.

When he died, Nicolas Flamel owned several beautiful houses in Paris' rich quarters.All life long, he gave noticeworth amounts of money to the church and to charities. The remors, that centuries inflated to the size of a legend,beginned just after his death.

Two leads may help to set weither Nicolas Flamel made gold or not, perhaps to do the same.The first one has been examined by some amateur cryptographists who claimed to have decoded a secret message in Nicolas' houses ornaments. This way seems to much ridiculous to me to waste any time with it. Let's imagine you are Nicolas Flamel. You own a secret wich'll make you as rich as imaginable but wich, unveiled, would be worth nothing anymore and could even get you charged with witchcraft. What will you do? It's so silly from me to ask. The answer is so obvious. Of course, the first thing you will do is to write it all over the capitale walls, isn't it?

Second lead:, a very scarce book, le Livre des Figures Hiéroglyphiques. The other books attributed to Nicolas Flamel are obviously rough fakes devoted to swindle gulls. The problem is that you can't say anymore that not a breath of suspicion atttaches le Livre des Figures. Published in 1612, two centuries after it's alleged author, it's even not signed Nicolas Flamel, but Arnaud de la Chevalière. And it includes not even one concrete information which would allow to begin any work in order to make gold. According to this text, Nicolas Flamel would have found the method to make gold in an ancient manuscript, Aesch Mezareph, of Abraham the Jew. There is only two copies of this book one in the (french) National Librairy, The other in the Librairy of the Arsenal. But they are not available for readers.

Did he make gold? If you ask me, no. Today you could never make a fortune by selling books, but in this times books were as precious as jewels today and Nicolas' brother was in charge of the Duke of Berry librairy and I think that this fact didn't diminush Nicolas' incomes. So his financial success is quite extraordinary but, according to me, not miraculous. Nevertheless in my novel Le onzième manuscrit , (french site since for a french book) , I prefer imagine that he did make gold. However, there is more than one other puzzle that is involved in this book. I devoted the pages below to some of them.
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