Welcome to AIR PALOMBIA.


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Welcome to AIR PALOMBIA.

All our flights get to countries served by no other company in the world.
Yet all are located on Earth: not in the future and neither on another planet, nor in a Mickeyville-like other reality.
Tens other destinations were possibles. It took to make a choice, with what it implicates of arbitrary.
Only five flights get to american comics countries, the others to french-belgian bande dessinee countries.
An oportunity to cast an eye upon this kind of comics, more famous in Europa than Marvel or DC ones.
FLIGHTS DURATION: Minimum 0.6 times this page loading duration, Maximum 1.8 times and average 1.3 times.
excepting the island by Scotland 4.4 times (animated pic).

The countries you'll have allready visited will be proposed by blue letters buttons.
Others by white letters ones.


Using old materials?You have not been forgoten.
This page is wider than your screen? (Ther is a scrollbar down the page?) Even placed in the middle of the screen, the map doesn't wholly appears? There is a narrow screens version but it's not translated in english. If you can read french,
click here. Nevertheless, there is a simpler way to solve this problem. With Internet Explorer, you switch from usual mode to full screen and vice versa by pressinfg f11 key. With Netscape you click first on "Display" or "View" (or a synonym of those words, I don't exactly know because my version is not in english). Then depending on the version on "Toolsbar" or again on "Display". Then you delete the notch of all the toolsbar(s) of the list. And you put back the notch(es) to get back in usual mode.

No means to click green circles? Go to EXIT. No, you are not chased away. You'll find there récapitulation of all that travelers may have seen along our lines. It's as enigmaticas green circles, but it's clickable text.

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