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Some dates are not exactly the same than you may find elsewhere, because old comics were published in reality several months before the date on the cover. You'll find here real dates. Recurrent words "first appearance", "creation" and "begining of the series" indicate respectively the moment when a character:
-appeared for the first time, either in the adventures of another or in a story without following -was created in the same time than his own series -already appeared before, got his own series.


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1939-1946CAPTAIN AMERICA, Submariner, Kirby, etc Loading duration: 2.6
VENUS, Black Knight, Hartley, etc Loading duration: 2.1
FANTASTIC FOUR, big monsters, Ditko etc Loading duration: 3
. 1962 .
SPIDER-MAN, Thor, Hulk, etc Loading duration: 2.9
. 1963 .
AVENGERS, first X-men, etc Loading duration: 2.6
DAREDEVIL, Nick Fury, Steranko etc Loading duration: 2.6
THE SILVER SURFER, Buscema. Loading duration: 2.3
CONAN, Gwen Stacy, Gerber, etc Loading duration: 2.9
XMEN, Starlin, Byrne, etc Loading duration: 2.3
from 1980
MILLER, Mc Farlane, Heroes Reborn, etc Loading duration: 2.4

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