Who was Jack the Ripper?

Famous because unknown.He is the more famous serial killer. Yet he commited "only" five murders. This puts him far below his american colleagues palmarès, like Charles Manson or Son of Sam. There is many mysterious aspects in Jack's "career", but the true reason of his sa notoriety, is that he never has been unmaskeed.

His victims
all London prostitutes.
Mary Ann Nichols, night of August 31 1888
Annie Chapman, September 7
Elizabeth Stride, September 29
and Catharine Eddowes, the 29 too
Mary Jane Kelly, November 9.

JACK THE RIPPER WAS NOT JACK THE RIPPER. His nickname comes from the letters, writen with red ink for blood curdled, sent to defy police and signed Jack the Ripper. In fact, the Jack who signed it was not the killer of Withechapel, but... a Star reporter named Bert, who found nothing wiser to increase the sales.. So, not only do we still ignor who was the murderer, but may even not say it wasJack the Ripper.


Magician, his murders dates were function of moon calendar, as to satisfy some pagan ritual.
Scientist,he cut his victims with such precision and competence that many observers claimed that he should have been a surgeon.
Mad, he slayed his last victimin an d'une undescribable way .He teared off her limbs, eviscerated her, scatered pieces of her all over the room.


Why, after five crimes in only two monthes, did the killer stop at once? Noone never could explain it. The only hypothesis that one could have given is that he died. This oblige to admit a coincidence: this death just after the begining of his gruesome work, neither before nor long after it. More than that, this makes all the more mysterious that he couldn't have been identified. We should find him among english people dead in the end of 1888.

Was he some notable? That's the way many like to explain police failure. The plot thesis has allways have been popular, from Neron to Gilles de Rai, powerful ones have been charged with monstrous crimes on doubtful presumptions. Serial killers are allways very smart and hard to catch. And, then, there were neither profilers, nor DNA analysis, nor... etc. Nevertheless, you never can tell. The plot thesis is not allways preposterous. Let's only remember the way that some LBJ, that I won't name, succeded to some JFK in november 1963.Honour to whom honour is due ; at Withechapel, like at Dallas, the main suspect is on the very top, since, according to many ones, Jack the Ripper was no other than the prince of Galles, son and heir of the King of the United Kingdoom.


Prince Albert Victor See above.
Sir William Gull , the surgeon of the case.
Montague John Druitt, the only one whose death is in concordance with the end of the crimes.
Dr Roslyn Dontsan, medicine doctor and satan worshiper!
Aaron Kosminski, identified by a witness, who refused totestimony.
James Maybrick See below
Walter Sickert See second paragraph below.

A recent book claime to have solved the enigma. Indeed, they published Jack the Ripper's diary. Jack's name was James Maybrick.Unfortunately, this diary smells the same parfum authenticity perfume than a coin engraved with the inscription "53 before Jesus Christ". You'll find in it many vrifiable items... allready known, and many untold items... unverifiable. There is no uninteresting passage. Even the part wich comes before the murders seems to have been writen in order to enlighten them. To say nothing of the discovery of the document more than a century after the facts; what a piece of luck.

Recently, October 2002, the novelist Patricia Cornwell claimed to have unmasked Jack. In her book Portrait of a killer, Jack the Ripper, case closed she accusates the painter Walter Sickert. Case closed, realy? As soon as he was available, the book has been demolished by the "rippologists". The argumentation is based upon too oldDNA samples, Jack's letters, whose he doesn't seems to have been the author ... and some presomptions, neither better nor worse than for the five suspects of the times of the facts.

Jack the Ripper has been honoured with many novels movies or TV movies.
A famous one stared Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper.
In a chapter of the novel L'aura maléfique, (I don't know the english title) John Bladek too put the more famous detective on the trail of the mor famous criminal Holmes dicouvers that Jackis indeed a surgeon... the Doctor Watson!
However the most unexpected hypothesis about Jack's identity is the one of Loisel who, in his (french) comic Peter Pan teach us that the ripper was Peter Pan. Not exactly the Disney's version, isn't it?
Closer to the reality, the comic From Hell was such a success that he's been adaptedon the screen.

In my novel Le onzième manuscrit , (french site since for a french book) , I explain at the same time why the murders stoped and why they were related to moon cycle. A realy unexpected explanation. But even in this imaginary Jack's identity isn't unveiled. Mystery 'll stay mystery. However there is more than one other puzzle that is involved in this book. I devoted the pages below to some of them.
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