If you dare enter, be welcome in LATVERIA

The Master's castel.
Tour guides: Fantastic Four, sporadically from annual 2, 1964.
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Please, allow me to introduce myself: Doctor Victor Von Doom. But you may call me Master, as everybody here. Consider yourself at home in Latveria. By the way, sooner or latter, you'll belong to here...whatever may be your nationality. As you can see, nothing, noone troubles latverian order. I beg you, pay no mind to screamings coming up from my laboratory.
In spit of its low number of men, latverian defence is quiet more modern than USA or OTAN ones. Here, the seting of a vibrobomb on a rocket.
The Master.
By the way, do you know my subatomic kingdoom?
Would you like to see the secret base of another science genius, even if he can't hold a candle to my sister?
You think it'd be more cautious to get back?
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