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Palombia is principally known by zoologists as natural environment of the Marsupilami, an animal wich has long been though mythic.
Tour guides: Spirou et Fantasio, by Franquin, Dupuis publisher.
Spirou et les heriters. Le nid des marsupilamis. Le dictateur et le champignon. L'ombre du Z
Zorgblub's secret base A marsupilamis nest (photo by Secotine).
Recent Palombia history has been quiet troubled, specially under the regime of Zantafio. The belgian ex criminal nearly drived it
in a local hegemony war. Since dictator fall, the country had found back peaceful routine of revolutions and coups d'etat, when the
mad scientist Zorgblub came there to hide his headquarter in the jungle.
Zorgblub isn't the only one who owns a high technology
complex hidden in the jungle.
Do you want to see another one?
Or another one again ?
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