The Microworld

This miniature universe inside atom was discovered and conquered by doctor Doom in Fantastic four 16. The fantastic Four set it free from him. The Silver Surfer, runing from Galactus, found shelter there in Fantastic four 75 to 77. It was invaded by Psychoman in Fantastic Four 282 to 284. Princess Pearla took the power back and she provides for peace and prosperity.

Sub atomic scale gives space enough for more than one universe.
At DC's you find one in Atom and another one in Doom Patrol 107 (1966),
At Facwett's in Captain Marvel 76 (1947)
and since 1933 in Brick Bradford's journey in a coin.
(And this doesn't include those of literature like, in particular,
Un homme chez les microbes, by Maurice Renard, 1928.)


Would you like to see a land whose inhabitants are almost as small as those of here?You tires of miniatures? You want to see some land where everybody is realy big?
. BIG .

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