You have just penetrated in
Popular Républica of

Have you your passport?
Your passport is not regular.
Follow us, please.

Tour guide:
Tintin by Herge, Metuhen (UK) and Little Brown (US) publishers.
The Calculus affair


The unbearable neighbourhood of the syldavian kingdom is cause of strains.
The infamous western propaganda put on us the blame of imaginary misdeeds:

Attempt of coup d'etat in Syldavia (King Ottokar's sceptre)
Attempts of sabotage of the syldavian moon project
(Destination Moon. Explorers on the moon.)
Sequestration of a foreign scientist (The Calculus affair)
They also blame us for our legitimate support to General Tapioca's
San Theodoran government (Tintin and the picaros)



Ruler:Field Marshal Plekszy-Gladz
Capital: Szohod

Plekszy-Gladz Place in Szohôd (You'll see it better from your cell)


Will you try to escape?
You'll get into a neighbour country, you don't no wich one.
But it can't be worst than here.It can't, say?

You prefer to call your ambassy?
Knowing the legendary leniency of local authorities your punishment
might be commuted to a mere expulsion and you'll be sent back toAir Palombia

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