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Tour guide : Bernard Prince, by Hermann and Greg, Lombard publisher, Guerilla pour un fantome.

Art by Hermann © Editions du Lombard. All rights reserved. This page is © Gerard Courtial. All rights reserved.

The country is rather steady for the region and seems to have come more democratic since General Mendoza's missed coup d'etat. The President doesn't seem to have been implicated in the former abuses of power. You may even hear said that the jungle convict prisons do not anymore keep political inmates.

The President Juan Enrique Valedero

...and some of his constituents.
Did you notice the little boat in the background?
Would you like to come aboard?
No ? You are sick of humidity, moisture, mosquitos, heat? You wanna go in a clean and fresh land with pure air?
To bad. We are not so far away from San Théodoros.
Could have paid it a little visit.
You'd rather like to get back to airport?