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You are lucky. Right now, our beloved General Alcazar delivered us from infamous Gneral Tapioca's yoke. We have order to shoot down whoever doesn't shout Long life General Alcazar. I didn't hear you.
Well. I prefer that.
Take a lot out of Arumbayas indians legendary
Tour guide : Tintin by Herge. Metuhen (UK) and Little Brown(US) publishers.
Tintin and the broken ear. Tintin and the picaros.




There, I patrol with a colleague in Tapiocapolis suburbs.
Well. Here you come again.
Good news! Meanwhile you were at arumbaya's, the glorious general Tapioca saved the country.
But, Tell me. Wasn't it you who acclaimed this blasted General Alcazar, a moment ago? So long life who?
Yeah... I prefer that.




The Trenxcoalt pyramida

HEY! You.
It's you who acclaimed the tyran.
And right above my noose. You dared.
While you were visiting
Trenxcoalt, our beloved General Alcazar set the country free.
No use to shout Hurray for General Alcazar.
It won't deceive me anymore. This time, it is twelwe bullets in your skin.
HEY! Come back! Where do you go?



Yes, where do you go?
You can't stand local misery? You want to hit a rich country?
No? You want to fly as far away as possible? To antipodes
You'd rather like to get back to the airport?


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