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Taļ-Tsieng, land of contrastes, see and mountain, sun and mist. Glade to welcome you in this thriving and cosmopolitan independent enclave, fisc tax heaven and crossroads of... any kind of trade.
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Your most humble and obedient servant, Wang Ho, that malicious gossips call General Satan, ain't but a humble tradesman. Don't listen the old wives' tales wich make out of me the officious master of this city. At most, is it true that to contribute to my collections will bring you luck. It avoids accidents to your boat and custom officers curiosity to your cargo. A bit queer indeed, but it's statistical.

Tour guide:
Bernard Prince by Hermann and Greg, Editions du Lombard publisher
La forteresse des brumes



The famous fortress of the mist, lair of the brigand Moukh Manchu.

Take care! If you walk through the mist, you risk to get lost and to arrive to the most unexpected place..
You'd better go back by sea, a boat waits for you. The one of my old foe, Bernard Prince.
You prefer to stay on Air Palombia lines?

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