To put a picture as wallpaper with Windows, a right click on the pic gives the option. Other method save it into Windows directory. Then a right click on the desk opens a listing; choose Active Desktop, then personalise then background (or similar words. My computer doesn't work in english.) If you converted before the pic's file 's into BMP, it's name is in the list, select it and click on OK. If not, click on "change directory" In the window wich opens, go to Windows directory. In this window the pic is in the list. Selectet it then OK.

To change icons text background color with Windows, a right click on the desk opens a window. Select appearance or look (or such a word. Again my computer doesn't work in english.) in the new window click on the colored rectangle. Choose a color ( or create one with RGB decimal code). Sometimes it doesn't work because of a bug in Windows. (one more, yes.) You can't change the color anymore.Don't panick. Set your computer off, then on, anew. In the window appearance, at "item" (or similar a word again) select icon. Then change icons' size. Surprise: while changing their size, icons also took the color you choosed. .All wich is left to you is to give their back their former size.

Your screen def ain't 600X800? No problem. Again a right click on the desktop has lead you to Active dekstop/personalie/ background. In the menu display choose the word similar to stretch (neither the one similar to mosaic nor to center). Your wallpaper 'll look exactly like on the screen of your neighbour who works on 600X800.

Closing this window, you must find back the former one above. But if you'd rather click:
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