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Tour guides:Tintin, by Herge. Metuhen (UK) and Little Brown (US) publishers.
King Ottokar's Sceptre. Destination Moon

His majesty Muskar XII through Klaw streets.
The archives room of Kropow castle.
CAPITAL: Klaw. REGIME:Constitutional monarchy FOREIGN POLITIC:Very strained relation with Borduria; numerous incidents (Ottokar's sceptre affair and such) obliging Syldavia to keep an intelligence service not very conformable to the peaceful mood of the country and of its king. The Calculus affair showed its excesses. Nevertheless Syldavia stays a quiet land, saving its traditions and déveloping its culture, thriving peacefully, off the modern world worries. HISTOIRY:Slavonic, turquish, and above all bordurian invasions. Liberation of the country by Ottokar Ist in 1275.
Behind syldavian folklore and traditions, there is a real scientific impetus. American propaganda, too often, makes forget that syldavian carried out the moon landing of an inhabited ship almost twenty years before NASA.

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