Marvel Comics story. 6: 1964

In February 64, DAREDEVIL was created by Stan Lee and... Bill Everett (And Kirby? Well. He did the first covers.) At this time Daredevil sported a yellow and black costume whose principal quality was to remember us that the one who weared it was blind. It's Wally Wood, just passing by in the Marvel world, who left him the costume that everybody knows..

Daredevil 1


January 64Return of CAPTAIN AMERICA in Avengers 4
January 64First appearance of Quick Silver and Scarlet witchin Xmen 4
February 64First appearance of Black widow at Iron Man's in Tales of suspense 52
February 64Creation of DAREDEVIL
June 64 First appearance of Hawk Eye at Iron Man's in Tales of Suspense 57
August 64 First appearance of Wonder Man in Avengers 9
August 64Begining of the series Captain America (Tales of suspense 59)

In August 65, Lee and Kirby presented NICK FURY Agent of the SHIELD. This new serie was a compromise between the concept of James Bond and the one of super heroes. Bad guys were not russians but HYDRA, a kind of stateless KGB wich offered all advantages of its true modele without involving the comic. (A few months before, Kroutchnev played the bad guy against Iron Man. Times change.) Gadgets relegated James Bond's arsenal to child's toys rank. Nick Fury would have been ashamed to show himself in less than his transparent flying Ferrari.


In issue seventeen a new character appeared. He had been professionnal master of escape, in Houdini way, adventurer, weapon unlegal trader, jailhouse inmate. He could have been quiet a good agent for the SHIELD or for HYDRA but Stan Lee gave him a quiet different part. He would draw the series. The story in Strange Tales 151 (December 66) would go down in histoiry as the first comic drawn by Jim Steranko. ( Forgeting his try on Spyman, at Harvey's, the month before.)



Steranko's style was strongly influenced by the one of Kirby whom he admirated much. In this, he didn't distinguished himself very much. Half this time artists tried lamentably to ape Kirby. But Steranko shown in his new job as much daring as in his former activities. He was the first to break off classical page, cleanly divided in parallele rows of wisely rectangular and equiproportioned cells. In his drawings, he mixed up pastings of photos, of frames, of abstract graphic items obtained by computer or by Idon't know what process. Steranko was an open door to the unthinkable. After Steranko, there was Adams, Starlin, Windsor Smith, Miller... Before Steranko, there was but drawings in cells. (In the 50's Kirby used round cartoons, broken edges etc. but the world was yet not ready.)




January 65First appearance of Ka Zar in Xmen 10
January 65First appearance of Medusa in Fantastic Four 36
March 65Replacement of Avengers member with a new team
(after that, team changes 'll be numberless)
June 65Begining of the series Submariner (Tales to Astonish 70)
June 65First appearance of the " 3 warriors " in (Journey into mistery with)Thor 119
June 65First appearance of SwordMan in Avengers 19
Aut 65 Creation of the series NICK FURY
agent of the SHIELD (Strange Tales 135)
August 65First appearance of the Inhumans in Fantastic Four 44
December 65
First appearance of the SILVER SURFER in Fantastic four 48




A glimpse to this enumeration is enough to convince of the preponderance of the Fantastic Four in the sixties. But if we had to remember only one of the many items this series enriched Marvel world with, that would be the Silver Surfer.
The Silver Surfer

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