Marvel Comics story 5: 1963

If, as we saw formerly, Spider-Man's succes would set the war between Ditko and Marvel, in the beginning, on the contrary, it made Stan Lee change his mind about Ditko's capacity to succeed in drawing a super hero. So, in July 1963 Ditko could create his own series. So, in July 1963 Ditko could create his own series. The result was astonishing. DOCTOR STRANGE hoovered in some parallele purely esthetical world, rid of any figurative bondage. The comic was a hit at hippies' who though they found back in it L.S.D trips background. To the great displaisure of Ditko who hated hippies.

The same month, Lee and Kirby assembled all their heroes, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Ant Man and the Wasp, in a same team, the AVENGERS. It'd soon be a pretty mess. One month Iron Man didn't come since, as Tony Stark, he was dead in his own comic. It got better next month, death is never too serious with super heroes. But, then, it was Thor who went away several months in Asgard. In the end Stan Lee replaced the whole team with new boys who had no own series. But they had to call back the stars, for 't was them who made the sales. At a time, there was a new team, each month. And it's not so different today.

The X-MEN, almost unnoticed on the moment, happent to be on the long term, the more important creation, not only of this mounth but (with Spider-Man) of this whole time. Stan Lee introduced with them a concept that further writers would develop fortunatelly: the mutants, persecuted by human kind and torn between the temptation to retort and the duty to stop those who yield to this temptation. It was to the X-Men that the Avengers stole this part of recruitment center in Marvel script. Stan Lee first devoted it to the school of mutants but the X-Men assumed it only from their second volume. Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch, two of the new folks of the first new Avengers team had been created for joining the X-Men. Stan Lee and Roy Thomas made a new atempt with Mimic(X-Men 27-29) but they gave up at once. Perhaps readers didn't love this half repenting foe that other X-Men themselve hated? It's only at the end of the first volume X-Men, in 1968-70, that were introduced Polaris, Havok or Sunfire who didn't become members of the team before the begining of the second volume, in 75.


In such a wave of new super heroes, who would have been surprised seeing Kirby ressuscitating his
CAPTAIN AMERICA? His first reappearance was in november 63, in Strange Tales 114. Yes in Strange Tales, and not in Avengers 4. But it was an impostor who was duly captured by Human Torch. Two months latter, the true Captain America's body was found and brought back to life by the avengers in Avengers 4.

Strange Tales 114 (Kirby)
The coming of Doctor Strange and...
the come back of Captain America?

January 63 First appearance of the Watcher in Fantastic four 13
March 63 Creation of Sergent Fury (=Nick Fury in his youth)
April 63 First appearance of theWasp at Ant Man's in Tales to Astonish 44
July 63Creation of the X-MEN
July 63Creation of the AVENGERS
July 63First appearance of Doctor Strange in Strange Tales 110
September 63First appearance in present of Nick Fury in Fantastic Four 21
September 63
Ant Man becomes Giant Man (Tales to Astonish 49)
November 63Begining of the series Doctor Strange in Strange Tales 114

1964-1965 Daredevil, Steranko...


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