NO. You are yet not in the CURSED LAND.
The exact location of the Cursed Land is unknown, even from Air Palombia. It is not on our map.You are at the wizard Homnibus', obliged stage to get to the Cursed Land.

There is only two ways to reach the Cursed Land
Either to allow the wizard Homnibus to hypnotize oneself and to wake
up there by magic. Or to dare the journey but...

What says Omnibus:You can't mind it, Johan. You'd have to get over abrupt mountains,
precipices, tight forests and I don't know what more. No-one never reached it.

What do you say?
You don't know the Cursed Land? Sure of that?
Maybe you know it but you didn't know that this is it's name.
Wanna bet?

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